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The Auto Service, Repair, and Maintenance We Offer Mifflintown and Mechanicsburg Area Drivers

When you bring your vehicle over to one of our two auto shops located conveniently in Mifflintown and Mechanicsburg, you can expect excellent results because automotive maintenance is our specialty here at Brenner Tire & Auto! We are well-equipped to help you with everything from a standard oil change to a comprehensive inspection, so do not wait! Our doors are always open to drivers all around the York area.

Services Offered at Both of Our Auto Service Centers in the Carlisle Area

Brenner Tire & Auto is your one-stop-shop for various services including, but not limited to, the following:

Tire Alignments

The Importance of Tire Alignments

Wheel alignments are an important service that needs to be done periodically. Wheel or, sometimes called, tire alignments help to ensure your tires wear evenly for a longer lifespan as well as improve handling and performance. Wheel alignments essentially mean making sure your wheels are where they are supposed to be for consistency and maximum contact with the road.

When to Get a Wheel Alignment

There are several signs to pay attention to that indicate it may be time for a wheel alignment. Some are more noticeable than others, but by heading off these issues, you can have a smoother, more efficient ride. These signs include:

  • Uneven Tread Wear
  • Steering Wheel Vibrations
  • Steering Wheel is Off-Center When Driving Straight
  • Vehicle Pulls to the Left or Right

These issues all come back to three different categories of wheel alignment: toe, camber, and caster. Our technicians will be able to diagnose and correct all three to ensure that your vehicle is on the right track.

Tire Rotations

What Are Tire Rotations and Why Are The Important?

Like it sounds, tire rotations are repositioning your vehicle's tires in specific patterns. The purpose of tire rotations is to make sure the tires are wearing evenly to maximize their lifespan. Since tire positions place different pressure on each tire, certain tires can wear out faster than others if not rotated. For example, the front tires that the brunt of torque and friction with accelerating, turning, and braking.

By keeping the wear consistent for all four tires also means keeping traction and handling consistent. Tire rotations help to improve cornering, braking performance, and creates a safer and more responsive driving experience.

When should you get your tires rotated? You can check your owner's manual for recommended intervals, but every 5,000 miles is about the right timing for most vehicles. Allow our service department to maximize your tires' longevity through tire rotations.

Engine Tune-Ups

Why Getting an Engine Tune Up is Important

While every manufacturer builds their vehicles with durability in mind, there's no helping the inevitable wear and tear that comes from traveling the open road. It's just a fact of life that your car, truck, or SUV will need a tune-up at some point. And if you don't want to find yourself stranded and broken down on the side of the road, it's a good idea to have your vehicle looked at by a factory-certified technician at Brenner Auto & Tire.

A tune-up will consist of many different facets. A technician will examine your engine to see if anything needs to be cleaned, fixed, or in urgent cases, replaced. You can expect your filters and spark plugs to be a central part of the inspection, but you'll likely have your drive and serpentine belts checked for degradation as well. Fluid levels, rotors, and distributor caps are also part of a tune-up, so making sure everything is in working order is of the utmost importance.

Fluid Flushes

Why You Need to Have Your Fluids Flushed

Older vehicles that have been on the road a while will reach a point where it's a good idea to do a complete flush. As you drive, dirt and dust particles accrue and build up in your systems that can degrade performance and have the potential to cause serious issues.

One of the most common fluid flushes you'll undergo is a transmission fluid flush, which you should have done once every 35,000 miles. Another common fluid flush is done in your fuel system, which also should be done every 35,000 miles and can improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Your brake fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid, and radiator are other areas that may need to be flushed as well. They are all vulnerable to degradation and grime, so it's important to have them inspected by a professional.

Brake Service & Repair

Why Your Car Needs Regular Brake Service

Your car's ability to go is really only as good as its stopping power, which is why scheduling expert brake service is an essential part of your car's regular maintenance. You need your brakes to be in excellent shape so that you can slow down and stop effectively, especially in emergency situations when being able to stop quickly is the key to avoiding danger. Our team can repair and replace your car's brake components like brake pads, rotors, and more to keep your brakes in tip-top shape.

When to Schedule Brake Service

Scheduling a brake check every six months or so is an excellent way to catch brake issues and deal with them before they turn into larger problems that could create safety issues or warrant costly repairs. Our team can give your brakes a thorough inspection to make sure that your brakes are performing as they should.

How to Tell if Your Brakes Need Help

While bringing your car in for regular brake inspections is the best defense against brake trouble, there are a few telltale signs that your brake system needs attention. Look, listen, and feel for the following symptoms:

  • Worn brake pads that have less than a quarter-inch of pad material left
  • Unusual sounds such as grinding, growling, or squealing when you brake
  • Brake pedal that feels like it requires an unusual amount of force to engage your brakes
  • Car pulling to the left or right when you brake

These are some of the most common signs that your brakes need help, so if you notice any of these issues, we encourage you to get in touch with us to schedule brake service and repair. Our team of experts can determine the cause of your brake troubles and make the necessary adjustments or repairs to get your brakes back up to full strength.

These are just some of the routine maintenance offerings you can look forward to. From battery tests and oil changes, to transmission maintenance and headlights, we've got you covered.

But what if you hear a strange noise coming from the front of your car? What if you feel a weird vibration from the back? And what if your car struggles to start in the morning? We'll take care of that, too! We don't only cover your routine maintenance needs, we'll also tackle bigger repairs to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


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Why Should York Area Drivers Get Routine Services for Your Vehicle?

To Keep Your Vehicle Operating Properly - Your vehicle is a machine, and it performs best when all of its parts are maintained regularly. Without doing so, components like the engine can malfunction and put you at the risk of a breakdown. That is why we encourage drivers from Carlisle and Harrisburg areas to get routine checkups from our team.

To Keep You and Your Passengers Safe - As you can imagine, a vehicle that functions well is more likely to protect you and your passengers. For instance, tires inflated to the right pressure and brakes that are in working order will help you make evasive maneuvers and come to a stop more effectively, preventing an accident out on the road. All it takes is regular car care!

Why Should You Choose Brenner Tire & Auto Near Harrisburg?

There are many service centers near York for you to consider, but if you wish to leave your vehicle in the care of experts you can trust, make Brenner Tire & Auto your go-to destination. Both of our facilities have state-of-the-art technologies that enable us to provide maintenance and repairs that meet industry standards in a timely manner. Plus, we employ skilled technicians who are familiar with cars, trucks, and SUVs from multiple brands. With their help, your vehicle will be ready for any obstacle you may face during your everyday commutes.

Two Great Locations. One Amazing Auto Service Team.

Whether you visit Brenner Tire & Auto Mifflintown or Brenner Tire & Auto Mechanicsburg, you will have an outstanding experience because our team shares one common goal: your total satisfaction. Our technicians will go the extra mile to administer the services your vehicle needs to continue working in optimum condition. We will be happy to give you answers should you have any questions so that you are informed every step of the way, too. This is how we make you feel at home whenever you visit.

Schedule Your Service Appointment Online or By Phone

For your convenience, there are two ways that you can schedule your upcoming service appointment at our service centers near Carlisle and Harrisburg. You can submit a request through our website by filling out an online service form or you can call either of our shops at your earliest convenience. We are open bright and early at 7AM-Monday through Saturday-so pick a day and time that aligns best with your personal schedule and get in touch with us.